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Mission: an adventure in the quantum Age to explore the spiritual world.

The Church of Divine Bliss is a sanctuary of communications and education where people from different religions, cultures and traditions come together to practice in unison the eternal spirituality of love & devotion to the Supreme Being to affect a positive transformation for the evolution of human consciousness.

We are committed to bringing forth and developing a new school of spiritual though based on the great saints of the universal Vaïsnava religion, an all progressive and all embracing tradition originated in ancient Vedic Scriptures.

The aim and object of our Vaïsnava lineage is to cultivate the inner understanding of all religious scriptures and practice the devotional yoga of pure love (bhakti yoga) spontaneously and independently of any sectarian groups, through peaceful communications so as to protect, elevate and purify our conditioned mind from mundane identifications and take our spirit soul back to its dynamic divine source, back home, back to Godhead, beyond the mental platform and beyond time due to proximity with the non-dual Supreme Substance.

In harmony with the great mystic Vaïsnava saints past, present and future, we think that party spirit will always baffled the attempt of the inquirer and will make him believe that Absolute Truth is nowhere except in his or her old religious books.

No holy book is without errors. Even the sacred Vedas, Bible, Thora etc. do not contain all that we could get from the Infinite, the Sweet Absolute, the Organic Whole. Liberty then is the principle, which we must consider as the most valuable gift of the Sweet Absolute, Reality the Beautiful.

Situated in a most unique charming location, The Church of Divine Bliss proposes regular Sunday programs including lectures, (krsna-katha) meditative concerts (bhajan) of sacred chants from different spiritual traditions, distribution of sanctified food (prasadam) and more.

During these programs opened to everyone and not intended for a certain class of the Hindus or the Christians alone, we will explore the fundamental principles of Vaïsnavism, the power of the quantum field on the coherence of our consciousness, what is beyond our conditioned temporary life and what will be the nature of our eternal life. Vaïsnavism is this absolute love-energy binding all living entities together as one into the infinite unconditioned non-dual divine reality. Visit: www.TheChurchOfDivineBliss.Com to learn more.

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