Ecology, Preservation & Restoration

Our mission for this program is to protect these sacred Hawaiian lands, to sustain us for current and future generations.

CHILDREN'S-FLYER-_-NATURE-PROGRAMS-AT-KAPILA-GARDENS-Our Promise, Educate, Preservation, Ecology, Perpetuity.

What inspires you in nature? For some people nature is their church, a form that kindels their deeper sprittual apirations, creative senciblity and divine apprecation. It is the incredbile beauty of our Hawaii’s gardens, forests, waterfalls, streams, coast line and ocean that nurture and rejuvinate the soul. Hence our vision is to bring awareness to the natural eco systmes and the cultural ecoloy that will in turn help preserve and restore our Aina. Such things as educatioanl cultural nature walks, planting taro lo’i or featuring classes on preparing and growning organic foods. Creating substainble cottage industries through food production are all apart of this dream.

We also seek to create places that kindle inner contemplation, with soul stirring gardens places where the soul can enjoy the iconic island scenery to awaken their connection with the natural world around them.

For young persons this will give them the chance to disconnect from the eletrocin devices, and find a sence of inner peace, purpose, and connectedness with the world around them. With the vision that they will feel a deeper personal respocilbity towards the natureal world aroudn them.

Perhaps in reconfirming our identity as the People of the World and moreover Hawai’i through visiting cultural and archeological sites like Kapila Gardens and learning the stories of the life of the land that can help bring about the intreinsic responciblity that we all share to preserve, protect and nuture our island home more.

In Hawai’i, the things that sustain us are all around, all gifts from the land, and are in need of heartfelt protection through conservation. With your help, we can make this happen. Below is one of our programs at Kapila Gardens that you can help to perpetuate:

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