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A love letter to the Infinite / Dance to your vibration

Between you, the Infinite, and me, the infinitesimal, the line of demarcation is inconceivable. It is not within the scope of my imagination. Think about it. You are infinite and I am finite. In this case, and if I ever want to be connected with you somehow or other, all I have to do is to dance to your vibration.

And what about your infinite love for me? This kind of love is far beyond my jurisdiction, far beyond my experience of understanding. This kind of love is far beyond what we call “good” or “bad”. So what to do? Must the inquiry be stopped? Must the search come to a halt?

Some people think I could create a mantra because, most probably, they think that a mantra is just a phrase, a kind of cheap password, or just words that we mentally or verbally repeat to ourselves in order to obtain something. Seriously. This line of though is more or less a kind a greedy trade. It doesn’t sound very inspiring. The song of your infinite names must be quite different. Because you are the Infinite   your name is also infinite and therefore you and your name are one. One? Yes, the name and the named are one. Besides, you are materially nameless because your sound aspect has no limit. Only matter is limited. You are materially formless because your form has no limit. Your innumerable spiritual names and innumerable spiritual forms are pure transcendence then.

And you have invested all your unlimited powers in all your names, irrespective of the past, present or future revelation they appear in, millennium after millennium, generic or specific, and they are all one and different simultaneously. One love. One heart. One Infinite. All your aspects are different in multiplicity but one in unity. And therefore all the masters are one. All the servants are one. Religion is one. War is over. Coming from you it’s brilliant. Well done.

You are aware of the meaning of your infinite names. People are still fighting about it you know. I mean really fighting, with guns and bombs and everything they can get, and they kill each other in your name. Can’t you do something about it? I have a suggestion: you could eventually make us understand that you are above any meaning, above any creed, above any party spirit, transcending all doctrines.

Only you know. We don’t. The whole meaning of the universe and the secret to living the perfect day, the life of our dreams, the all meaning of everything is known to you alone. And you are above all meaning. What’s the trick? That is your infinite play.

Listen, here’s what I am going to do: I am going to love you no matter what plays you make up, what rules you make up. Do you think that would be a good idea? I’ll take your silence as a yes; nevertheless, you will admit that great lovers of your infinite nature think that it is a really good idea, whatever the tradition they are following. And you know why better than me: love supersedes knowledge in the evolution of human consciousness. Isn’t it simply wonderful? Your infinite presence has a mission and I submit to that mission. I love it.

I place my heart and mind under that mission. That’s submission, sub-missive-ness; I send a missive to you, my dear amazing loving inconceivable Infinite, I send a missive to you saying that I finally agree to dance to your vibration, to harmonize myself with your play. I say “with your play”, I don’t say with your justice. Grace supersedes justice don’t you know? According to justice I certainly do not deserve to play with you. But according to the grace principle everything is possible. Then I will be saved, singing to the same tune, dancing to the same natural vibration. I finally accept your eternal and persistent invitation. Then I will be in harmony with your quantum field of universal coherence and will have nothing to complain about because I will realize that you also love me no matter what plays I make up, no matter what rules I make up. And I do love you even if you’re not God. That’s a huge aha!

Writing a love letter and talking about unconditional. God or not God. Since when do I care anyway if you are God or if you are not God? You are the Infinite! What can I do about it? You are reality the beautiful, the organic whole, the sweet absolute, the highest center of the infinite good. And I miss you now. I really do.

By accepting your eternal invitation to play in harmony with you, I have the feeling I will be fed to the fullest. It’s like an intuition, like a little angelic voice inside. In the same line as you are doing, to the same music, my infinitesimal infinite spirit soul, fragment of your Infinite Playful Soul, also begin ecstatically dancing with you. I surrender to your love. I surrender to beauty. I come, and join you, and I will have no worry. Not only no worry, but I will feel the highest sublime happiness in all aspects of my existence. Happy at last. A case of real self-determination. I am invited to join the infinite movement of your vibration and I am coming, I am saying yes instead of saying no, I am saying Amen, Om, Shalom, Gautama Gauranga, Krishna, Radha, Mary, Cristos, Adonaï El Shaddaï, Quan Yin, Tara, whatever yes you want me to say, whatever yes my inner monitor is inspiring me to sing in harmony with you the Infinite.

The particle of the whole is dancing hands in hands with the whole. The ray of the sun is dancing with the sun. The electron is dancing in harmony with the cosmic manifestation. Shakti is dancing with Siva. Magdalena is dancing with Jesus. The gopis are dancing with Krishna. The waves are dancing with the ocean. The earthly pot is dancing with the earth. Only love, nothing else. No calculation, no preaching, no hell, no eternal damnation, no original sin, no godly threat. I will find only the charm of love there. I will see only beauty there and feel only attraction there. And we are one and different at the same time. I am running toward you, sublime heart center of all secrets. I’m running full speed. And there I will be fully fed; holistic satisfaction and global fulfillment will be there. I will find rainbows of tenderness and joy over an ocean of infinite benedictions. Eternally crushed by your loving waves and eternally rejuvenated. I will be healed from the one unique   universal disease: the nasty desire to control everyone and everything.

And believe me, it is not a question of belief. We could say emphatically that it is a practical experience of quantum imbrication. But it’s so much more. The piece of iron is invited to dive deep into the fire and the piece of iron gradually becomes fire. It is not iron anymore; it is fire. The cold iron has become spiritually incandescent. You don’t trust me? Touch it! You will know it’s not iron anymore. I don’t want to consume anymore; I want to be consumed.

No exploitation anymore. No artificial renunciation neither. Just dedication. I want to love even if I’m not loved. I am free at last. I have mastered the freedom to serve. This is the end of all inquiries. This is the end of resistance, the end of quarrels, and the end of lies. The infinitesimal is invited to dance with the Infinite and the finite comes into connection, into proper yoga, into real embrace, with the Infinite.

Wait a minute; it is not a boring impersonal useless fusion. The unreal entity dissolves and the real super-subjective individuality ascents. It’s all embracing. The green bird seems to disappear into the green tree, but there is no annihilation, no void and no spiritual suicide. There is evolution, revolution. There is a relation, a reciprocation of love, an intimation of mutual service, a mystic imprecation, an esoteric communion, an immortal friendliness, and a conjugal soul intimacy.  Neither there is old school ritualistic devotion in veneration, awe and reverence. No. Not anymore. No fear of God there. There is real fluid love, I mean, spontaneous loving kindness, a river, a flow, a sound current, an independent lifestyle of transcendence between two immortal lovers.

Talk about pure love, spiritual amours. Whatever you want to name it.

When I move, you move. When you move, I move. Life’s simple.

What was I thinking? Saying “no” to you, refusing to submit myself to your invitation life after life, being attached to neglecting the ecstatic dancing, the intuitive feast, the transcendental marriage, the independent and voluntary mission of all life, human or non human, doing all that I was discordant and I was suffering, consciously or unconsciously. It’s all over now.

I am performing a miracle without knowing how I will succeed. I let go. I relax. I have faith, this kind of faith that is hope in the Infinite. My relation with you is based on love and trust. It is already there, waiting since time immemorial.

Make no mistake; I am not a businessman and I don’t expect anything from you. I have no personal interest of religiosity, no hankering for name and fame, no red Mercedes, no expensive initiation for thousands of cheated disciples, and no crazy-sexy-chill out mansion on Beverly Hill. No cheat. I will never aspire after any special environment. It will come in its own way because the results of my contribution and the reactions of my actions are all harmonized by your absolute will, dearest and graceful Infinite.  I’m not anxious about anything then. Awesome. Every little thing will be alright.

Honest. Only love. Only you. The divine companion of my greater self.

I am determined. I have no power to change the circumstances. They are already there. But there is something I can do for sure: I can try my best to change my own self to suit the environment. And that’s another huge “aha“.

I know: I’ll do my thing and you’ll do yours. We dance together. If you let me down, (and of course you have all the rights to do it), I will dance without you forever. Oh! To be dancing in the infinite ecstasy of union in separation. In the plan of the absolute everything is absolute. Separation is union. Union in separation. Action in inaction. Diversity in multiplicity. Chastisement is a blessing in disguise. You see, I wont give up on you. It’s going to be hard for you to get rid of me now. I will dance to your harmonic vibration. You will reveal yourself when you want, on your own accord or when I will receive the grace at the feet of the masters. Their causeless mercy. Meanwhile I will play with your play because your play is above law. I have confidence.

Law exists only where there is want, hankering, and unnecessary desire.

But your love is absolute opulence, a dance of complete abundance. No ration system necessary, no food stamp, no penury, no famine, no paycheck to paycheck kind of existence, no defending, no fear, no nuke, no anxiety, and no more law necessary. Only love. Only you. Law and ration are necessary when there is scarcity of food and absence of love. But in your infinite arms, in your dimension, in your kingdom, in your play, in your forest, in your realm, in your infinite lotus eyes, I will find no scarcity there, no gradation, everything full. I’m coming. I’m coming to you, my Infinite, my dear non-dual supreme divine substance.

Sri Prahlad das Ji. (Patrick Bernard)