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The World’s Foremost Experts In the Areas Of Mind Health & Deep Lasting Profound Emotional Transformation. Highly Recommend These Methods In Order To Help You Achieve Your Best Bliss Now and A Life Well Lived.

All Sessions & Recordings Accompanied With The Deeply Soul Stirring Spiritual Transformational Music Of International Award Winning Composer Patrick Bernard Infused With Hladini Shakti Bernard his beloved wife’s nurturing transformational Heavenly voice.

Patrick Bernard aka Prahladji & Hladini Shakti Bernard’s combined artistry takes you to the magical transformational spiritual realms. An enchanting & life transforming, experience that will uplift and revitalizing your heart, body, mind & soul in the most wonderful & miraculous ways.

About Rev. Hladini Shakti Bernard, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Vocalist, Celebrated Dancer, Whose Accolades include Attending The Prestigious Quantum University. She holds a Degree certification in Hypnosis & NLP from this legendary school.

As an expert guide in these mind training modalities, Hladini’s presence is known to be imbued with intuitive Angelic impressions, that are both inspiring, insightful & caring. A gift that she is received from her spiritual teachers and the Angels & Avatars. What She Calls God’s Immaculate Mercy.

In addition her programs are effortless, being completely passive. They go deep into the subconsciousness where profound lasting change can take place, so that your mind serves you and your life vision, putting you on divine purpose. As they help give you access to becoming more…

  • Revitalized, Refreshed, Enlivened, Invigorated & Exuberant
  • Youthful, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Attractive
  • Greater Intelligence, Insightfulness, Focus & Intuitiveness
  • Achieve Greater Happiness in All Relationships
  • Greater Self Renewal, Inspiration and Purpose
  • Holistic Rejuvenation, Inner Healing, Radiant Health
  • Inner Bliss & Tranquil Balance
  • Greater Resilience, Stamina, Fortitude, Success
  • Enhanced Creativity, Greater Artistic Expression
  • Spiritual Inspiration, Self Awareness, Angelic Communion
  • Greater Godly Perceptions, Divine Living & Contentment
  • Cognitive Enlightenment & Divine Rapture

She says: It is in this place of resolute transformation, that the greatest self can emerge, always victorious, always in bliss, always in gratitude and always in higher states of over all well being, heart, body mind and soul.

This perfectly passive brain training self best program, is great to listen to as you enter into the sleep state or just before you awake.

They are based on Ancient Wisdom Infused With Cutting Edge Heart, Mind, Body, Soul Formula’s for Optimized Transformational Living.

With Daily Practice You Will Embrace Life As An Endless Magical Mystical Sacred Journey. So You Can Live Life With Vibrant Well-being, Greater Happiness, Longevity, Inner Lasting Peace, Vigor, Agelessness, Lasting Bliss, Greater Health, Deeper Wisdom, Abundance and Tasting The Immaculate Sweetness Of Daily Divine Communion.


Services & Products: Suggested Donations: 

All donations go to help further God’s Work In this World
Through the Divine Performing Healing Arts.

– Customized Recordings: $208.00 per person

  • Private Sessions:$208.00 per person
  • Group Sessions: $88.00 per person / minimum 4 persons

– Conventions Presentations & Lectures: $4,008.00

– Pre-recorded Sessions (See Below) $25.00




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