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about the kapila institute

Inspiration – Transformation – Empowerment Through the Arts

Wellness & Personal Growth

Founded in 2012, The Kapila Institute for Transformation, Inspiration and empowerment thru positive and devotional creative artistic studies, Kapila which means the divine musical instrument in Hawaiian, is fast becoming one of the most trusted sources for artistic empowerment wellness and personal growth.

As a nonprofit organization, The Kapila Institute, a.k.a “KI” offers diverse and innovative educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. Located on Maui in a pristine and captivatingly stunning environment Kapila has welcomed thousands of people to its workshops, conferences, concert and retreats in Maui, Hawaii and at other exceptional locations around the world. As a group we have had the honor of working, producing and or sharing the stage with such luminaries as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ram das, Dr. Harold Bloomfield, Narada Michael Walden, DC Cordova, Freddie Ravel, Alan Cohen, Jacob Lieberman, James Jacobson, Peter Kater, Bruce BecVar, Brian BecVar, Michael Ruff and many more.

Personal transformation and inspiration is the foundation for uplifting ourselves in the world around us. Our inspirational creative programs touch on singing, speaking, acting, dancing, writing, recording, film production, public speaking, performing, learning to play an array of various musical instruments, composing as well as recording inspiring positive and spiritual music. We also touch on the art of creating gourmet healthy healing culinary dishes as well as embracing other forms of healing arts. Individual wellness, personal growth, and a healthy body, mind, and spirit help to make us and the world around us us much more heavenly place to live and to raise our families. To this end, Kapila is also leading the way in creating a sustainable inspired and creative world inside and out.

As an environmental steward, Kapila’s commitment to sustainability includes recycling and conservation; supporting sustainable agriculture; increasing the use of clean, renewable energy; using green building materials whenever possible and cleaning supplies; and creating and preserving habitat for native animals and plants. Kapila’s Future Learning & Retreat Center for Sustainable Creative Inspired Living, is an educational center where everyone including school children, university students, corporate and government officials, and all of our workshop participants can learn how to live in happiness, lightly and lovingly on the earth.


Kapila’s wellness workshops, concert, conferences and retreats are renowned for offering people a way to develop a firm and nurturing commitment to self-care and optimal health practices they can bring back home. At Kapila, wellness is not something you just “do.” It is a way of life that involves proper mindset, arts, nutrition and exercise that fits your lifestyle, stress-reduction techniques, weight management, detox, a healthy heart and social and environmental awareness are all a part of this formula.

Personal Creative Inspired Growth

At Kapila, artistic creative personal growth, spiritual development, and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. This is a artistic holistic approach, which is a way of seeing people, nature, and the world we live in as an evolving, interconnected web of life.

You Are the Greatest Inspired Masterpiece: The Mastering Your Mind & Body
We are each more than the sum of our parts. Our mind & body expressed in a creative and artistic manner makes us an individual but also connect us to a larger community that exists all around us. At Kapila we offer one on one sessions, workshops, concerts, classes, seminars, podcasts, products, retreats and events that encourage the integration of our creative body, mind, and thereby uplifting our spirit. This is your opportunity to help uplift and inspire as well as nurture each other and our planet. For more information: Call: 808-878-8974 or email: inspired@thekapilainstitute.com