Volunteers – Your Talents Are Needed

Let’s Create An Even Greater Divine Dream Team, Be A Part Of The Positive Global Change!


Contact us if you have experience in any of the following and would like to volunteer:

Fundraising, Crowd Funding, Internet Marketing, Grant Writing, Social Media Marketing, Internet Product Production (for Ebooks, Movies, Audio Books and other Educational Products), Blogging, Content Writing, Article Writing, Videography and Video Editing, Book Editor, Product Producers (for On-Line Classes, Seminars, Pod Casts, Live Streaming), Web Design and Maintenance, Accounting, Office Assistance, Music Engineer, Sound Engineers, Stage Managers, Promotional Managers, Tour Managers, Recording Engineers, Musicians, Set and Stage Design, Costume Designer, Composers, Concert Producers and Promotors, Stage Lighting and Effects, Stage and Film Special Effects, 3d Graphic Animators, Educators, General Marketing & Promotions, Computer Tech for Macs, Computer Tech to Create Educational Apps.

We also need local volunteers to help set up events, clean up & park cars as needed.

Divine Service is a deeply rewarding happiness, it is this happiness that motivates us and brings a joyous energy behind everything we do. When this mood of selfless seva ( service) arises you are in the bliss zone of your higher calling and therefore this action creates an even greater life worth living.

If you want to lend your talents no matter what they are.
Contact us at: Email: Inspired@TheKapilaInstitute.org

You can also avoid the fundraising scorecards or having to join any team by making an anonymous general donation, click here. 

Even if you only donate simply $5, the minimal time and effort you put in will multiply endlessly to make a difference in the lives of people you might never meet and those who will nevertheless  bless you for your kindness.

More about Seva (Sacred Service)

When one is engage in selfless service for the greater good and for a Godly cause, this act of pure goodness is rewarded with a deep inner feeling of contentment, satisfaction, purpose and immense inner happiness. It had been found that humans are happiest when they are servicing something or someone other then themselves.

“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India, seva was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of the greater community. Seva is the art of blessings in action, where you feel an intrinsic connection to the divine of all, this is real personal empowerment.

Thank you, in advance. Please enjoy, in full transcendental happiness, the act of selfless action and all the wonderful blissful spiritual energy that surrounds it. Seva is the action that brings lasting happiness eternally when done for the good of all and the divine of all! 
May All Being In All Places Be Transcendentally Happy Eternally! 

Your Friends At The Kapila Institute