Children’s Global Harmony Choir

For more than 25 years, we have been building our children’s vocal community. Each year, workshops and gatherings are a celebration in exploring the greater inner expression of a child’s naturally beautiful voice. This is a rare opportunity to be part of a community, and a member of a welcoming children’s choir where no experience is necessary.

During this workshop, where we explore non sectarian devotion singing history and culture through a wide range of vocal music and songs from around the world. It is also a wonderful opportunity to experience the immense happiness a child finding their own beautiful natural voice.


A Global Virtual Children’s Choir 

Part of our vision is to create an educational singing DVD for children this DVD will be gifted to underprivileged children here at home as well as around the world. From this program a virtual choir will be set up, the focus will include children living in countries that are at war with each other as an example for the leaders of those countries that if their children can sing in together and raise their voices together in harmony they can too. Our hope is to encourage and inspire them to see that they two can find common ground and learn that all voices can be heard in peace and harmony. Bringing awareness to the simple rule that music transcends all barriers. The vehicle for this is that the students will participate in a virtual choir sining songs that gives hope, goodwill and encourage peace. Our marketing efforts will be to launch this on the internet and encourage an organic viral presence on the internet. Our dream is to take the children on tour around the world to participate in events that promote peace, goodwill, enviormental as well as humanitarian concerns.


  • ONE ON ONE CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE. Contact us for further information:


In recent times, a vast amount of research has been done on the specific positive ways in which singing can improve your child’s live. The results of the research using Star Quality Singing method as a modality have been especially stunning, such as the ability seen with the use and addition of Star Quality singing to temporarily heighten spatial awareness and intelligence; its impressive power to improve your child’s concentration and increase speech abilities; its tendency to advance their reading as well as language skills among children who receive regular singing instruction; and the startling increase in SAT scores among students who sing. But Lani Starr’s Star Quality Singing method refers to more than just raising children’s test scores.

By learning to recognize and consciously implement the Star Quality Singing in your child’s life, you can:

  • Stimulate brain growth
  • Positively affect their emotional perceptions and attitudes.
  • Reduce their level of emotional stress or physical
  • Enhance their motor development
  • Improve their language ability, including vocabulary
  • Enhance their social abilities.
  • Improve their reading, writing, mathematical,
  • Improve their over all academic skills,
  • Improve their ability to remember and to memorize.
  • Helps them to creatively solve life’s most challenging problems even into adulthood.
  • Gives them the tools to find inner happiness and peace even into adulthood.
It is amazing to know that singing which have been available to us throughout our lives can have such a powerful and wonderful effect on the mind, spirit and body. Yet the evidence is indisputable. Wisely used, singing can create a healthy happy and stimulating world for your family and profoundly enhance your child’s growth.
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