Inner Tranformational Concerts & Performances With International Award Winning & Five Time Gold Record Holder “Patrick Bernard” aka “Prahladji” and his wife Hladini


Join Us, From Small Intimate Concerts to Large World Class Venues, Our Musical Performances Are Captivating, Enlightening & Soul Stirring! Many other Iluminated Artist are Also Featured In Their Performances.

> Patrick Bernard aka Prahladji Introduces His Beloved Wife Hladini, Sacred Vocalist & Divine Dancer.
> Wrap yourself in the sublime exquisite magical beauty of Prahladji’s & Hladini’s “Captivating Soul Stirring Musical Meditations”
> Their Music & Concert’s Feature Prahlad’s Award Winning Original Musical Master Pieces!
> Prahlad’s Angelic Voice blended with Hladini’s Is A Taste Of Enraptured Heaven.
> Hladini’s dance is a intuitive prayerful rendering of Prahladji’s compelling sacred sound in mesmerizing movement – Ann-Marie Burtell, Celebrated Chef

Audiences Comments:

* Hladini and Prahlad’s concert was simply, amazing and incredibly beautiful, like nothing we have ever seen, the sound was infused with holy transmissions, and Hladini and Prahlad’s voices were like that of the heavenly beings! Hladini’s dance was like seeing an angel in elegant motion, as I could actually feel the celestial devi’s being channeled thru her dance! -Tomas & Joan Heartfield 
– Internationally Renown Seminar Leaders & Best Selling Authors
* Prahladji & Hladini’s performance was Captivating, Brilliant, Enlightening, The Best Of The Best, A Must See & Experience in this Lifetime! 
– Particia Varley, Renown Life Coach, International Speaker
*We felt the Angles and the Avatar’s present in the room with us through Prahlad and Hladini’s captivating voices in harmony together & Hladini’s dance was exquisite and spellbinding, Their marriage is really a match made in heaven! 
– Raphael & Kutira, Internationally Renown Composer, & Celebrated Spiritual Leaders  
*Prahlad’s heavenly music with Hladini’s beautiful voice & enchanting dance is so powerful and soul stirring we were brought to tears! 
– Angel Manakshi, Internationally Renown Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Teacher 


or call: 808-878-2108 Hawaii Time
from: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm