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Learn About Patricia Varley’s Work & Mission as a Transformational Leader, Professional Facilitator & Edgewalker™ Executive Life Coach

I believe that what makes us authentic, our inherent uniqueness, is likened to a buried treasure that is waiting to be discovered and revealed. We each have a purpose for being on the planet that cannot be filled by another. The Universe is one mind and expresses itself in an infinite number of ways through each individual. As we tap into and cultivate our inner gifts with awareness and intention, we can uniquely express ourselves in our professional, personal and spiritual lives. Since we are all connected, there is no need to compete with one another. There is no lack. The illusion of competition comes from the belief that we are separate from the Universe and one another, that there is not enough to go around. As we embrace the truth that each of us has been brought here now to fill a certain need, then competition can be replaced with cooperation and collaboration. We will share who we are from a consciousness of contribution, not survival. Our authenticity will be celebrated not feared. Together as one we will heal our inner life, our home life, and our work life that will in turn transform our planet.


The Quantum Voice: Live Your Best Life Now!

One of the most amazing things about the human voice is its ability to reflect our emotions. Depending on the pitch, tone and vibrations in your voice, you can share your feelings or help convey the feelings of others, this same skill is used in singing.

Vocal techniques – designed to improve your singing ability – are also meant to help you create emotion using nothing but your vocal chords. In addition, the voice has the ability to soothe and calm, as well as entertain, captivate and enlighten. When you learn to sing, you are learning how to communicate using sound which can also be transposed to the speaking voice.

Your Voice and Life:

There are many ways in which techniques used in singing can also be used in life. The ability to succeed as a singer mirrors life in so many ways that the possibilities are nearly endless. Consider these five essential aspects of the successful singer and how they directly relate to your life on a day-to-day basis.

– Confidence: The true singer does not just need confidence and that fascinating spark to perform in front of a crowd. A singer needs to display confidence in order to get the attention of the listeners. Those that do not show confidence in their voice are easily passed off and ignored, no matter how good the singing talent. The same is true in life. By showing you have confidence, are attentive and excited about life you cause others to listen to you because you show them that you are confident and knowledgeable in what you are saying. Being able to speak up in a crowd melodically and by knowing the correct vocal methods in order to do so, is also useful for impressing others and getting your point across.

– Sharing Emotions: In a voice that is filled with sincerity, clarity, caring loving and with the correct projection you will see great results! Learning to sing or hone your speaking voice means that you are learning how to communicate your emotions through sound and this same form of verbal/non-verbal communication can be used in the interactions in your daily life as well. One of the most common causes of problems in personal relationships is that the communication between two people is not in sync – that is, one when person is sad or angry, the other person is unable to pick up on it or misdiagnoses its importance via tuning in auditoryly.  Singing and learned speaking skills allows you to tune in and understand just how others hear you, and how to change and utilizes the various aspects of the voice, in the use of tones etc to show your true feelings and create the response that you want from others. The human voice is more than just a tool or instrument to communicate words. It is is provine scientifically to also be one of the greatest medicine for your body and your soul.