Creative Trancendental Expression

Live your sacred life to the fullest through divine creativity and play. Discover your soul’s purpose through sacred singing, divine dancing, conscious movement, inner harmony music, devotional composing, divine recordings, sacred writing, divine poetry, sacred superfoods cooking, divine film making, transcendental inspirational motivational speaking and acting. Choose from any of our devotional workshops, programs, one-on-one private classes or retreats.

Tune Up To Success with Award Wining Artist Freddie Ravel:  Motivational Maestro!

We offer customized programs to suit your needs backed by Freddie Ravel and his world class Tune Up team. Our patented Music Applied to Life™ technology, with it’s emphasis on empowering leadership, listening, time management, the fun factor and ultimate success, delivers breakthrough results directly to the heart of your business. Customize each option to address your challenges and oppor-TUNE-ities.


INTRODUCTION – Included in every service we offer, Freddie and his tune up team conduct a pre-event re-HEAR-sal. Listening to your needs, we orchestrate a customized performance to articulate your goals.


MAIN THEME – This one hour presentation is customized to your goals and musical tastes, and delights audiences while giving them the skills to improve and orchestrate their own performance.


DEVELOPMENT – After presenting the Keynote Concert we break into workshops followed by a review of the program’s concepts and their application.


SYMPHONY – Experience additional workshops on listening and dissonance, then sit back and be entertained by a specatcular musical performance which you will “hear” in a whole new light!


ENCORE – Though we finish at the Finale, the learning never stops. Our Encore program offers critical follow up teleconferencing and post- training to insure that the “music” of your organization continues to orchestrate goals and the success markers you are striving for.

Music’s In Your Soul: David Darling / Grammy Winning Artist 

If you have ever dreamed about boldly unleashing your creativity through music, movement, or art, rediscover your inner artist in this energetic and inspirational play-shop, where we experience the joy of music-making with Grammy Award-winning artist David Darling

Throughout the week, in a fun and supportive environment, we discover that it is never too late to reconnect with our natural creativity and musical intuition. We learn how to eliminate stage fright and shed our negative musical self-image; and we creatively express ourself through music and movement in spontaneous new ways.

Come and rejoice as we clap, jingle, drum, chant, make strange sounds, sing on- and off-key, use our bodies as musical instruments, and celebrate the improvisational musician, artist, dancer, and performer within each of us. With new musical self-confidence, we take home an outline of improvisational skills and techniques that can be explored alone or with a group of friends.

No previous experience in making music is necessary. This workshop is appropriate for musicians and non-musicians, educators, artists, performers, entertainers, and anyone longing to bring more self-expressive music into their lives in a dynamic and interactive way.

– David Darling Grammy Winning Composer etc.


Building Our Spiritual Vocal Community 

For more than 25 years, we have been building spiritual musical & vocal community. Each year, workshops, seminars, conferences and gatherings are a celebration in exploring the greater inner expression of one’s natural beautiful vocal talents in singing as well as speaking. This is a rare opportunity to be part of a community, and a member of a large and welcoming choir where no experience is necessary.

During this 2-day workshop, we explore non sectarian devotional singing history and culture through a wide range of vocal music, including spiritual choral traditions, songs & chants from around the world including gospel, geroraican, kirtan and more. It is also a wonderful opportunity to experience the immense happiness of finding our own beautiful natural voice.